Refund of your semester fee

Under certain circumstances, we are able to refund your fee for the public transport ticket which is included in your total semester fee. That would be e.g. if you do an internship outside from Kiel or spend a semester abroad.

In case of a deregistration or deletion of the registration, we also refund the AStA fee which is also included in your total semester fee. Please notice that in these cases (deregistration or deletion of the registration) you can also apply for the refund of the Studentenwerkbeitrag (also included). You will have to hand in a sperate application at the Studentenwerk. Check the composition of your entire semester fee here.
Please be aware of the certain deadline in any case! (see deadlines below)

If you have qustion about the issue, do not hesitate to contact our assiatants in charge. Send us an email to semesterticket(at) or ring us:

Tel. 0431/ 210-4920

Fax 0431/210-4921

To get the rufund of the entire semester fee, you have to hand in two applications. The first will be the AStA application for us to refund the fee for public transport and the AStA fee. Follow the link to get there: Application for refund of public transport fee The second one would be the application for the Studentenwerk to get the refund of the Studentenwerk fee in case of deregistration or deletion of the registration as mentioned above. Follow the link to get there: Application for refund of Studentenwerk fee.

Please make sure in any case that your application is complete! Check the required records below to make sure you hand in everything needed.

We are happy to recieve your application either via mail or email, whatever suits you better.

  • AStA der Fachhochschule Kiel
    Semesterticket Referat
    Moorblöcken 1a
    24149 Kiel
  • semesterticket(at)



In case of deregistration or deletion of the registration
during the summer semester: 31 Mai
during the winter semester: 30 November
The date of deregistration has to be not later than 30 April (SuSe) resp. 31 October (WiSe).

–> In these cases we refund the fee for public transport and AStA.

For every other case the deadline will be
during the summer semester: 15 April
during the winter semester: 15 Oktober

–> In these cases we refund the fee for public transport.

Accepted reasons for applications

1. Deregistration or deletion of the registration:
– Copy of „Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung“[confirm of deregistration] or
– Copy of „Löschung der Einschreibung“ [deletion of regestration]

2. Conditioned abscence (physiotherapy)
– Copy of „Schulbescheingung“ [enrollement documentation]
– Student
– ID (chip card)

3. Study–conditioned abscene (obligatory internship)
– Copy of „Praktikumsbescheinigung“ [internship attestation]
– Student –ID (chip card)

4. Study–conditioned abscene (semester abroad)
– Copy of „Auslandssemesterbestätigung”[ semester abroad confirmation]
– Student –ID (chip card)

5. Holiday Semester
– Copy of the „Urlaubssemesterbescheinigung“ [holiday semester confirmation]
– Student–ID (chip card) (remains with the AStA during the holiday semester)

6. Disabled Person
– Copy of „Schwerbehindertenausweis [disabled person ́s pass] (Mark: „G“, „aG“, „H“ or„BL“)
– Student–ID (chip card)

7. Posession of a personalised ticket for surrounding areas:
– Copy of „personengebundenes Umlandticket“ [personalised ticket for surrounding areas]
– Student
– ID (chip card)

8. Incorrect transfer / multiple transfer
– Copy of bank account statement
– Copy of „Studienbescheinigung“ [certificate of study] (for the semester to be refund)
– Paid re-registration fee in total
– Re-registration fee issued by the FH:

9. Application for a hardship case
– Written reasoning for the hardship case (please add attestations)
– Student –ID (chip card)

Applications for download:

Application for AStA:

Application for Studentenwerk:

Advice in terms of your chip card

The print for public transport will be deleted after we recieved the complete application. After that, we send you your card back by post. We use the given adress in your application. Please notice that we start processing and deleting only after the beginning of the particular semester (01 March or 01 September). Chip card handed in earlier will not be processed until then so if you still need your card, hand it in later and we start processing your application then. If you wish to pick up your card after deleting the printing personaly, please contact us in advance. We document the mail posting of every card so we are not liable for lost card by post.

Advice in terms of transaction time

We do our first transactions after we have processed your application entirely by the end of May (SuSe) resp. November (WiSe). We transact every 3 weeks from then.