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What is the General Student Committee (AStA)?

AStA is the abbreviation of “Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss” and is the executive power carrying out the tasks of the StuPa (short for: “Studierendenparlament”, Student Parliament). The student parliament elects the members of the AStA. The divisions encompass, among others, the refund of semester tickets, the representation of the student body internally (within the university) and externally as well as the realisation of projects in favour of the students.

What is the Student Parliament (StuPa)?

The Student Parliament (StuPa) is being elected by the students once a year and forms the legislative power. The representatives decide on general student affairs. This includes higher education policy subjects, decisions on financial matters of the student body, approval of superior financial applications, and call of the plenary assembly. The StuPa usually holds a meeting once a month, however, additional meetings may be held when necessary. Did we spark your interest? You can effortlessly join! Come visit us at the AStA during our opening hours or send us a mail to our University Policy representative (HoPo-Referent): hopo(at)asta.fh-kiel.de. We will provide you with further information and you might join in a meeting to gain insight.

When and whom may I vote for?

Each summer semester two different elections will take place.

On the one hand you elect your representatives of the student body of your faculty, means the students who welcome you in your first semester, organise student parties and who will pay attention to problems in your faculty.

On the other hand the representatives of the student parliament will be elected by you. All candidates will be announced in advance. In general, you shall find a short presentation on the election posters one to two weeks prior to the election. Next to the ballot box the candidates will be listed as well. In future, this information shall also be available online. You, too, might become part of the representatives of the student body of your faculty or the StuPa by being elected.

What is the representation of the student body of a faculty (Fachschaftsvertretung)?

The representation of the student body of a faculty is composed of the representatives who have been elected by the students. Mostly, these are the first students who get in contact with you besides the professors and your fellow students. During the semester, in general weekly meetings take place and hot topics are being discussed. They mainly deal with issues within the faculty or the welcoming of new students or the farewell of graduates. In addition, events for the students are being organised and held by the representatives. Expenses exceeding 150 Euro have to be submitted to the AStA and approved by the StuPa. You, too, may become a member of the student representation of your faculty. Have a look at facebook and just ask…

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