Refund of the semester fee

Under some circumstances you have the possibility to refund one part of your semester fee. It is about 61,50€ and you have to download and fill out the application. Please note, that the required documents are due till the following date:

Deregistration or deletion of the registration:
Summer term: 31st May
Winter term: 30th November
The deregistration or deletion of the registration has to be till 30th of April (summer term) or 31st of Oktober(winter term).

All other reasons:
Summer term: 15th April
Winter term: 15th October

Reasons of application:

1.Deregistration or deletion of the registration:
– Copy of „Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung“[confirm of deregistration] or
– Copy of „Löschung der Einschreibung“ [deletion of regestration]

2. Conditioned abscence (physiotherapy)
– Copy of „Schulbescheingung“ [enrollement documentation]
– Student
– ID (chip card)

3. Study–conditioned abscene (obligatory internship)
– Copy of „Praktikumsbescheinigung“ [internship attestation]
– Student –ID (chip card)

4. Study–conditioned abscene (semester abroad)
– Copy of „Auslandssemesterbestätigung”[ semester abroad confirmation]
– Student –ID (chip card)

5. Holiday Semester
– Copy of the „Urlaubssemesterbescheinigung“ [holiday semester confirmation]
– Student–ID (chip card) (remains with the AStA during the holiday semester)

6. Disabled Person
– Copy of „Schwerbehindertenausweis [disabled person ́s pass] (Mark: „G“, „aG“, „H“ or„BL“)
– Student–ID (chip card)

7. Posession of a personalised ticket for surrounding areas:
– Copy of „personengebundenes Umlandticket“ [personalised ticket for surrounding areas]
– Student
– ID (chip card)

8. Incorrect transfer / multiple transfer
– Copy of bank account statement
– Copy of „Studienbescheinigung“ [certificate of study] (for the semester to be refund)
– Paid re-registration fee in total
– Re-registration fee issued by the FH:

9. Application for a hardship case
– Written reasoning for the hardship case (please add attestations)
– Student –ID (chip card)

You can give us the application in our office or send it to us by e-mail or by post.
If you have any quations please do not hesitate and write us an e-mail or call us:

Contact: semesterticket(at)

AStA der Fachhochschule Kiel
Semesterticket Referat
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24149 Kiel

Tel. 0431/ 210-4920
Fax 0431/210-4921